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R e v i e w s

"Luigi Zaninelli is one of America's musical masters. His music is filled with taste, and unique sounds. It is composed with the highest possible craft and imagination." - David Dubal, WWFM, The Classical Music Station, N.Y, NY.
"Luigi is a composer of true melodic gift. This is why I accepted him as a student at the CURTIS SCHOOL OF MUSIC. His music apes no one and is always true to its self." - Gian Carlo Menotti.
"Zaninelli's music has earned him International praise. It is superbly written, containing gems of musical lyricism and originality." - Jerry Deagle, The Calgary Herald
"Zaninelli's music is introspective, ethereal and very personal. It is a music of great originality and imagination." - Leonard Leacock, The Albertan
"His music is hauntingly beautiful and powerful, creating sounds of mystical magic that touch the listener deeply." - Bonny Bomboy, The Hattiesburg American
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